Breast enlargement: Tips on increasing your breast size

Published: 24th February 2011
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Do you dream of having fuller and firmer breasts? Then you are not alone. Millions of other women too wish to increase the size of their assets. Whether it is for aesthetic purpose or to make herself more attractive to her partner the search for proper breasts enlargement policies is very high.

There are more than one known ways to enhance the size of your breasts. If you too are looking for expert guidance how you may increase the size of your breasts, you are surely going to love this article since this would tell you about the many ways of breast enlargement.

Breast augmentation surgery: Breast augmentation surgery is a popular way to increase breast size. It has been widely popularised by our many celebrities. However, breast augmentation surgery is expensive and may lead to post surgery complications too. Plus, the raptured silicon implants may need replacements or the leaked silicon can cause serious health concerns.

Breast enlargement pills: You can take oral breast enlargement pills for the same effect. Breast augmentation pills are filled with estrogen- the most important female hormone. However, one may consult with a physician before consuming breast enhancement pills. Long term use of estrogen pills can cause some health issues and hence, these shouldn't be used on long term basis.

Breast enhancement pills would produce the best result while used with breast augmentation cream.

Breast enhancement cream: There are now breast augmentation creams and gels available which are quite effective. You however need to be careful in choosing the right supplier for the right products. These creams and gels are free from side effects since these are applied directly on the breast. Many of these contain herbal ingredients known for improving breast size.

Teenagers, pregnant and lactating women and women with the history of breast and ovary cysts however should avoid using breast enlargement cream and gels.

Exercise: Regular exercise of the pectoral muscles can help with improving breasts size and tightening sagging breasts. Weight training and freehand exercises help stimulating the breasts tissues and initiate growth. Exercises with regular massages would produce faster results.

Breasts pumps: Some women have also used breast pumps for breasts enhancement. The suction method of breast pumps would force the breasts tissues to divide to promote growth.

Wonder bra: Since Victoria's secret has introduced wonder bra, many brands have adopted the same to produce wired and padded bras. These bras would give the bigger and fuller appearance to your breasts. This is the quickest method to improve the size of your breast.

Apart from cosmetic surgery, the other breast enlargement methods would only increase your breast size moderately. You can see development in cup sizes within few weeks of the use. However, for significant changes in the appearance of your breasts you need to undergo surgery. However, women not looking to gain in size significantly can get satisfactory results from using breast enhancement creams. It is also the safer way and you wouldn't need time for recovery.

Thank you for taking time in reading our article on breast enlargement. If you are interested in finding out more about breast enlargement, you can find more informative posts in our website on breast enlargement.

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